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Yolanta S. Melamed, M.D., M.P.H.

ICC Chair

After receiving degrees in general medicine and public health, Dr. Melamed held several different posts, including Program Director of Global Health Action (GHA), an NGO based in Atlanta (United States). Over ten years, she has have mostly worked in the areas of NGO support and the direct management of programs for the care of people affected by HIV/AIDS. She thus became familiar with organizations working in this field in Francophone and Anglophone Africa, and with international organizations such as WHO, UNAIDS, UNITAID, The Global Fund, etc. In partnership with the National Population and Family Planning Commission, she was involved in the integration of HIV/AIDS prevention programs in family planning centers in China.

Visionary, with excellent leadership skills, Dr. Melamed has acquired a solid experience in coordination, management, and supervision of HIV/AIDS, family planning, and mother and child health programs. Dr. Melamed supervised GHA’s headquarters team in developing projects in collaboration with international offices in Haiti, India, Kenya, Senegal, and Côte d’Ivoire. Concurrently, she has developed expertise in the domain of cooperation between governmental and non-governmental sectors. One of her main assets is her ability to analyze the needs and applications of programs in a realistic, efficient, and innovative manner that is adapted to the culture of the country and to objectives specific to the organization. To accomplish this, Dr. Melamed drew upon her medical and epidemiological background, her understanding of the environment and related issues, and also of local partners and principal institutional funders. Dr. Melamed is fluent in English, French, Bulgarian, Russian and Hebrew.

Unit: International Consultative Committee