Olivia Lane Soule

Associate, Partnership & Proposal Development

Olivia Soule is a third year undergraduate student at Lawrence University studying Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, and French. She joined GRAG in June 2017 as an intern and after a successful record of achievements, was eventually promoted to an associate position. Olivia has experience in proposal and abstract writing, translation work, secondary research, and intervention strategy design. Her fluency in English and French allows her to communicate with key partners and stakeholders and to better understand program topics. Having interned in New Delhi, India in three different hospitals, as well as having participated in a medical program at SLU Medical School, she hosts diverse experience in the global sphere of health and health care. She is interested in the systematic power dynamics that affect people’s access to universal standards of equality and health care, as well as the effect that social networks have on individuals’ health decisions. With a respectful and continuously growing understanding of the world’s and Senegal’s diversity of people, beliefs, and values, she is better positioned to tackle health disparities to advocate for marginalized and vulnerable populations.


Unit: Program Division