GRAG has an established internship program welcoming international and Senegalese university students seeking hands-on experience in research, advocacy and nonprofit management.

Debbie Dada

_DSC8299 (1)

Dada is an undergraduate student at Yale University double-majoring in the History of Science, Medicine and Public Health & African Studies while in the Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, Global Health Scholars Program. She serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Global Health Review and has experience in grant writing, health operations research, cell biology research, mental health law, and outpatient care within the Senegalese, British and Canadian healthcare systems. Dada aspires professionally to work in health policy and implementation research in West Africa. She is grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside such a passionate and talented team at GRAG to support improvements in the health outcomes of marginalized populations in Senegal.

Institution: Yale University
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteYale University

Morgan Pincombe

Morgan Pincombe is a junior at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia where she studies international relations and public health. Previously, she engaged in public health research by collaborating with Let Maasai Girls Learn, a nonprofit based in Kenya, to identify effective strategies for expanding Maasai girls' access to education. She also worked with Operation Smile, a nonprofit providing access to cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries around the world. Eager to step into the field, she is living in Dakar for the fall semester of 2019 and is taking classes through the CIEE Development Studies program. She shares GRAG's passion for empowering females and discouraging harmful social norms, and she is eager to get a glimpse into the organization's multi-faceted approach to social, political, and economic development.

Institution: College of William & Mary
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteCollege of William & Mary

Aimee Gladys Umunyana

Aimee Gladys Umunyana is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. She is majoring in Science-Business and minoring in International Development Studies. She is passionate about Global Health and medicine and plans to become a Pediatrician. She has worked as a research assistant before with Team Heart, a NGO focused on bringing sustainable cardiac care in Rwanda. In her time at Team Heart, she conducted interviews with cardiac patients to learn about challenges they face while accessing health care. She also made reports for the outcomes of the interviews, hospital visits, and meetings attended. Gladys is eager to work with GRAG to promote women’s rights and learn more about research behaviors that bring sustainable positive changes in African societies. She is excited to meet people at GRAG and learn from their work experience and cultural backgrounds.

Institution: University of Notre Dame
Country: Rwanda
Institution WebsiteUniversity of Notre Dame

Aminta Gueye

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 08.55.25I attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon where I received a Bachelor's degree in Biology with a concentration in Anthropology. Throughout my time at Reed, I spent my summers working at the Centre de Traitement Ambulatoire at Hopital Fann where I discovered my passion for public health. My interests lie in feminism, women's rights and reproductive health, as well as the way in which systematic inequality affects marginalized people's access to healthcare. I hope to learn more about ways in which to improve access to health care and how to implement programs that help marginalized people access the care they need.

Institution: Reed College
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteReed College

Koyabi Nbiba

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 10.20.30Koyabi Nbiba is a third year undergraduate student at Bates College, pursuing a degree in Political Economy. He is a firm believer in the role of the private sector as a catalyst for sustainable development. As a GRAG intern, he is honing on his grant writing and translating skills, while gaining new exposure to the very pertinent topic of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C). He has a newfound appreciation for advocacy and public health in Sub Saharan Africa. He plans on working in the private sector, before pursuing and advanced degree in either Business Administration and/or Public Policy.

Institution: Bates College
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteBates College

Sade Harper

fullsizeoutput_cb3Sade’ Harper is a third-year undergraduate student at Spelman College, pursuing a B.A in Economics and International Studies with a concentration in International Development. She is currently studying abroad with the CIEE Language and Culture program learning French, Wolof, and Development Economics. Her interests lie in human rights, the criminal justice center, and understanding how Economics can develop communities. Harper is currently researching Senegal’s economic relationship with France and the country's developing economy. By assisting in the research and advocacy aspect of GRAG, she hopes to develop her quantitative and qualitative research skills by contributing to the many topics GRAG covers, such as healthcare, women’s reproductive rights, or youth employment.
Institution: Spelman College
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteSpelman College

Katelyn Roache

IMG-6260Katelyn Roache is a senior at Elon University in North Carolina. She is pursuing a B.A. in International Economics, with minors in Mathematics and Finance. Katelyn is currently studying Wolof, French, and Economic Development with the CIEE program. She has an interest in women's rights and their economic position in society. As an intern for GRAG, Katelyn hopes to learn how to use her data analysis and mathematics background to conduct research that impacts social issues.



Institution: Elon University
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteElon University

Rebecca Gerny

GERNY_Rebecca HeadshotRebecca Gerny is a third year undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently pursuing her B.A. in Global Studies with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies and sub-Saharan Africa. She works as a research associate for the Centre for Girls Education, conducting ethnographic research on women’s empowerment in rural Hausa communizes in Niger. She is most interested in the interactions between colonial histories and contemporary development and peacekeeping programs and is currently studying development studies in Dakar. As an intern at GRAG, Rebecca hopes to continue researching women’s health and global education and its intersections with cultural identities.

Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteUniversity of California

Anuri Nwagwu

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.17.16

Anuri Nwagwu is a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, studying Economics. Anuri is currently studying Senegalese culture and the French and Wolof languages with the CIEE program. She plans to pursue a juris doctorate after graduation from her university. Anuri has a keen interest in nutrition and women's rights advocacy. To support her interest, Anuri was fellow for the Nutrition and Exercise Physiology department at the University of Missouri where she conducted research focusing on protein intake in overweight women. On campus, Anuri volunteers for the local hospital, is the secretary and relations chair for C.O.R.E Mentoring and is a dedicated  member of Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity.

Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteUniversity of Illinois

Anna Wiegert


Anna Wiegert is a Midwifery student B.Sc. at the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück. Before studying, she received a traditional midwifery degree in Germany. For this, she trained in a high level University hospital in Berlin. She is trained in ethics, hospital economy and scientific research methods. Anna is now finishing her studies by conducting research in the fields of gynecology and public health.


Institution: Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences
Country: GERMANY
Institution WebsiteOsnabrück University of Applied Sciences

Christopher Hassan

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.44.11Christopher Hassan is a third year undergraduate at Bates College in Maine. He is studying Politics with a specialization in governance and conflict and minors in United States History and French. He hopes to pursue a career in international development and peace studies. He has worked for a number of political and educational organizations, including the Maine Democratic Party and the United Nations Association of Greater Boston. He is currently studying abroad in Dakar through CIEE in their Development Studies program. His work in social justice advocacy and interest in international relations and LGBTQ+ issues is what lead him to intern at GRAG.

Institution: Bates College
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteBates College

Olivia Lambert


Olivia Lambert is a third year of undergraduate student at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. There, Olivia is studying Biology and French in hopes of pursuing a career in international public health. She has performed research on the behavioral biological effects of a variety of pharmaceuticals and chemicals on freshwater and marine aquatic ecosystems since beginning her time at Gettysburg. Olivia looks forward to her time at GRAG as an opportunity to better understand the complexities surrounding public health and health care practices in Senegal as well as the role of organizations like GRAG in working towards more equitable access to health care and basic human rights for women.

Institution: Gettysburg College
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteGettysburg College

Romario Pineda


Romario Pineda is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley where he pursued a double major in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Immunology/Infectious Diseases, and French. As a double major, Romario was allotted an extra semester to finish his studies; In order to attain a global perspective on development and the socio-political-economic-environmental paradigm therefore associated, he decided to utilize this last semester to partake in the Development Studies program offered by the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). Under this program, Mr. Pineda will learn Wolof, will partake in an internship with the Global Research and Advocacy Group (GRAG), and will take French classes analyzing Public Health, and Environment & Development in regards to Western Africa with a focus on Senegal. After completion of this program, Mr. Pineda will return to the Bay Area where he will gain practical experience working for the biotech sector prior to pursuing one of the following joint degree program:  MPH/MBA, or an MBA/JD in health law. Mr. Pineda is interested in analyzing the deleterious effects on human development and human health produced by biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, all the while considering the political-economic intricacies of policy regulation.

Institution: University of California
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteUniversity of California

 Olivia Soule

OliviaOlivia Soule is a third year undergraduate student at Lawrence University in Wisconsin. She is studying Biology, French, and Cultural Anthropology. She plans to pursue her MA in public health after service in the Peace Corps. Inspired by her experiences in Dakar during her ten-week study abroad trip, she decided to stay after the program ended to intern with GRAG. Olivia is interested in the systematic power dynamics that affect people's access to universal standards of equality and health care. She wants to learn more about women's health care rights, and how organizations can better work with marginalized populations to implement health care initiatives in Senegal and the world at large. Through working with GRAG, she hopes to acquire greater research skills, and a broader understanding of health and health care in Senegal as well as how organizations can operate and succeed in improving health conditions in the world.

Institution: Lawrence University
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteLawrence University

Bri LaTendresse

INTERN 1Bri LaTendresse is in her last year as an undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach.  She has a major in International Studies with an emphasis on Politics, International Relations, and Social Movements and a regional focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.  She has degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and is specifically interested in the implications of empirical research on social justice, female empowerment, and post-colonial development.  She developed her interests in social justice and international development when she began working for international NGOs at the age of 14.  Since then, her interests have expanded to include feminism in the Global South and international government.

Institution: California State University Long Beach
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteCalifornia State University Long Beach

Aliaa El Amri

INTERN 4Actuellement étudiante en Master 2 Droits africains à l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, j’ai choisi d’effectuer mon stage de fin d’études au sein de GRAG qui œuvre dans la recherche de programmes d’appui aux populations vulnérables au Sénégal. Ce stage constitue une réelle opportunité d’apprendre plus sur la mise en œuvre de programmes de développement au niveau local et national. Passionnée par les questions de droits de l’homme et  développement socio-économique du continent africain, cette expérience enrichissante m’aura beaucoup aidé à mieux cerner les rapports entre le Droit et les réalités socio-culturelles en Afrique de l’Ouest.

Institution: Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
Country: France
Institution WebsiteUniversité Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
04/24/2017 to 06/23/2017

Caleb Lee Halvorson-Fried

caleb_lee_halvorson-friedCaleb Halvorson-Fried is a third year undergraduate at Columbia University in New York City with a major in Economics and Philosophy and a concentration in French. He is currently studying Development through the Center for International Educational Exchange in Dakar, while interning with the Global Research and Advocacy Group. At Columbia, Caleb is on the executive boards of the Columbia Democrats and Hiking Club and he works for Community Impact, a local community action organization that serves individuals of need in upper Manhattan. He is interested in learning how institutions like GRAG engage in development on a community level and would like to better understand Senegalese culture, politics and history.

Institution: Columbia University in New York City
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteColumbia University in New York City

Devon Halliday

devon_hallidayDevon Halliday is a junior at Brown University studying Comparative Literature with a focus in literary translation. She's currently an intern for the Global Research and Advocacy Group in Dakar, and has interned in the past at various literary agencies in NYC. During the school year, she works at the career center at her university. She is interested in women's rights, education, and unemployment.

Institution: Brown University
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteBrown University

Jennifer Bryan

jennifer_bryanJennifer Bryan is a third year undergraduate student at The George Washington University where she is pursuing a B.A. in international affairs.  She is spending her fall 2016 semester studying development, French, and Wolof with CIEE in Dakar.  Jennifer is passionate about research and employing innovative strategies to combat challenges in the developing world.  She has served as a legislative intern for Hawaii State Senator Mazie K. Hirono, and spent time in Kigali, Rwanda and Amman, Jordan studying economics, conflict resolution, and entrepreneurship.  Jennifer hopes to continue to expand her knowledge and experience in the field of research as it pertains to Sub-Saharan Africa during her time at GRAG."
Institution: George Washington University
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteGeorge Washington University
08/24/2016 to 12/20/2016

Olivia Barnard

olivia_barnardOlivia Barnard is a third year undergraduate student at Tulane University in New Orleans. She is studying public health and political science and participating in a semester-long Development Studies program through CIEE in Dakar. Her interests include global health and women's rights, specifically in francophone countries. She spent her past summer working for AmeriCorps in New Orleans where she gained experience teaching youth about healthcare and health disparities present throughout the world. After graduation, she plans to pursue an MPH in Global Health Management and Policy. She is excited to gain experience in the non-profit sector with GRAG, as well as expand her understanding of public health in Senegal."
Institution: Tulane University
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteTulane University
08/24/2016 to 12/20/2016

Madeline Sachs

sachs-madelineMadeline Sachs is a second year undergraduate at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.  She is currently spending her summer studying Islam and African Literature with CIEE in Dakar, while also interning with the Global Research and Advocacy Group.  At Yale, she volunteers in local elementary schools, leads freshman pre-orientation backpacking trips, and is a staff member for Project Youth Court, Inc.  Her research interests include the intersection of race and gender as well as the origins and perpetration of religious and ethnic conflicts.  She is looking forward to deepening her understanding of politics, ethnicity, religion, and gender roles in Senegal and beyond during her time with GRAG.
Institution: Yale University
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteYale University
05/30/2016 to 07/18/2016

Rachel Filippone

rachel-filipponeRachel Filippone is completing her fourth year as an undergraduate at the University of Arizona. She studies cultural anthropology, with a minor in creative writing. Her previous internship experience includes applied research in anthropology, focusing on food insecurity in the American Southwest, and gender and sexuality in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is interested in implementing both qualitative and quantitative research methods to help social institutions better understand the way they impact their communities, and to dispel intercultural misunderstandings. Currently, Rachel is in Dakar studying Senegalese culture.
Institution:  University of Arizona
Country: USA
Institution Website: University of Arizona
05/30/2016 to 06/20/2016

Anna Cissoko

anna-cissokoAnna Cissoko is currently completing her third year of undergraduate with a major in International Relations and a minor in Women's Health Education at the University of San Francisco State. She is participating in a summer long internship with Global Research and Advocacy Group. She has spent her passed Semester researching terrorism in regions with a colonial history mainly focusing on Sub-Saharan African, as well as worked on better understanding the Zika Virus from a women's health perspective. She is excited to expand her understanding on reproductive health, family planning, education, and gender related norm in Senegal for that is where  is originally from and planes on returning after her undergraduate.
Institution: University of San Francisco State
Country: USA
Institution Website: University of San Francisco State
05/30/2016 to 07/14/2016

Samantha Poyer

samantha_poyerSamantha Poyer is a third-year Anthropology and Religious Studies double major and French minor at Beloit College in Wisconsin. She is spending her spring semester studying Wolof, Islam, and cultural change at ACI’s Baobab Center in Dakar, Senegal. Her research interests include cross-cultural communication, modern interfaith interactions, and how individuals’ identities interact with surrounding social norms. She is excited to expand her understanding of non-profit social science work while at GRAG.
Institution: Beloit College
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteBeloit College in Wisconsin
02/05/2016 to 04/15/2016

Thomas Bishop

thomas_bishopThomas Bishop is a junior in the Elliott School at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. studying international affairs with a concentration in economics. He is currently studying abroad with CIEE’s Development Studies program based in Dakar, focusing on development economics and democracy. Last year he worked for a political finance group in D.C., helping organize and host events for Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign among other clients. While understanding the importance of politics in influencing development, he looks to continue to streamline and advance his knowledge of the two with the Global Research and Advocacy Group. Although currently studying in Dakar and attending school in Washington D.C., Thomas is from Newton, Massachusetts.
Institution: Elliott School at The George Washington University
Country: USA
Institution Website: Elliott School at The George Washington University

Soreya Scilipote

soreya_scilipoteSoreya Scilipote is an undergraduate student at the George Washington University, studying International Affairs and Anthropology.  She is currently spending her fall semester abroad in Dakar, taking courses on Senegalese culture and society, French, Wolof, and gender and development.  Over the past summer, Soreya was an intern at Global Children Cambodia, a non-profit working to improve the welfare of under-served young adult orphans in Cambodia through education and general lifestyle support.  She is excited to gain new skills and knowledge working in the non-profit sector with GRAG, and passionately stands behind its mission and efforts.
Institution: George Washington University
Country: USA
Institution Website: George Washington University
09/03/2015 to 12/11/2015

Mitiku Gabrehiwot Tesfaye

mitikugabrehiwottesfayeMitiku is an Ethiopian national born in the northern parts of Ethiopia and raised in the western parts of Ethiopia with exposure to multiple social and ecological zones in the country. Mitiku is proficient in 5 local languages and brail literacy and have 10 years of teaching and research experience in international and local institutions on social and cultural anthropology, primary health policies, global health and social protection schemes. Currently, he lecturers on Medical anthropology, Ethnography, displacement, gender and development, and intercultural communication. Mitiku is a multi- discipline scholar who has an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, an MA in Social Anthropology (Medical anthropology), a BA in History and LLB (Bachelor of Law and legal practices).  He is a well-travelled young man into many countries such as Germany, Austria and Ireland for conferences and other high level gatherings. Mitiku coordinates postgraduate studies at the Department of Anthropology in Mekelle University, Ethiopia.
Institution: Mekelle University
Country: Ethiopia
Institution WebsiteMekelle University
06/29/2015 to 09/04/2015

Violet Fokum

violet_fokumViolet Fokum is a Research Assistant at the International Development Research Center in the University of Buea with aim to empower women to effectively participate in Large Scale Land Deals that have an impact on their land rights and source of livelihood. Violet has also engaged women to participate in projects that empower them socially, politically, economicall, culturally and also on their sexual and reproductive rights. She is a holder of a masters degree in Women and Gender studies with a maitrise in political Science. She is interested in women/girls empowerment on the above areas and advocating for policies that will change the situation.
Institution: Mandela Washington Fellowship
Country: Cameroon
Institution Website: Mandela Washington Fellowship
03/17/2015 to 07/17/2015

Reid Sata

reidsataReid Sata is an undergraduate student at Lewis and Clark College where he is majoring in Political Science and French.  He is spending his Spring semester in Dakar, learning French, Wolof, and about sub-saharan culture.  After graduating, he hopes to pursue a career in education.  He is excited to have the opportunity to intern at GRAG, learn more about the research they are doing, and gain invaluable experience at an NGO.
Institution: Lewis and Clark College
Country: USA
Institution Website: Lewis and Clark College
01/29/2015 to 04/24/2015

Rebecca Smith

rebeccasmithRebecca Smith is an undergraduate student at Pace University in New York City. She is currently studying for a degree in Modern Languages and Cultures and Global Asian Studies. Rebecca has studied French, Chinese, and Wolof, and hopes to one day study endangered languages around the world. She is very excited to work with GRAG during the Spring 2015 semester.
Institution: Pace University
Country: USA
Institution Website: Pace University
01/27/2015 to 05/08/2015

Amelia Clark

ameliaclarkAmelia Clark is an undergraduate student at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia where she is majoring in Global Health and French.  Before coming to Senegal, Amelia spent four months in Geneva, Switzerland studying Global Health and Development Policy and practicing her French skills.  She also spent her summer volunteering in Pampas Grande and Cusco, Peru.  She spent her time with a rural health clinic and working with disabled children in a children’s hospital.  She is excited to utilize her experiences in various GRAG projects.
Institution: University of Richmond
Country: USA
Institution Website: University of Richmond
01/23/2015 to 05/08/2015

Wanjiru Ngige

wanjirungigeWanjiru Ngige is an undergraduate student at New York University. She is studying Economics with a minor in French and Mathematics. Wanjiru is originally from Kenya and was educated in Kenya and South Africa. She is interesting in impact investing and would one day like to set up a company that invests in African companies, with the hopes of impacting the communities around them. Wanjiru is a strong believer in pan-Africanism and views herself as a citizen of Africa. She is interested in investing different fields, and was glad to have the chance to learn about the public health arena through GRAG. She is passionate about different African cultures and is excited to be in Senegal. She's currently studying French, Wolof and Senegalese society and culture.
Institution: New York University
Country: USA
Institution Website: New York University
09/09/2014 to 12/14/2014

Nicholas Diamond

nicholas_diamondNicholas Diamond is a senior studying both French and cell and molecular biology at Albion College.  After traveling to France and Cameroon, he decided to pursue studies in Wolof, French, and public health in Dakar, Senegal.  He is interested in global health and epidemiology MPH programs for graduate school.  Eventually, he hopes to advance access to health care for minority groups in francophone Africa by working with the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Interning with the Global Research and Advocacy Group allows him to contribute to research and explore West African health systems.  In his free time, Nicholas loves to read, journal, travel, exercise, and spend time with friends.
Institution: Albion College
Country: USA
Institution Website: Albion College
09/02/2014 to 12/14/2014

Natasha Gordon

natashagordonNatasha Gordon is a rising senior at Brandeis University in Massachusetts. She studies International and Global Studies and African and Afro-American Studies with a concentration in social science issues affecting the diaspora. Natasha studied French language and African development in Senegal during the spring semester before remaining in Dakar for a summer with GRAG. She spent last year interning at the Boston NGO Room to Grow, where she helped manage volunteer groups and donated supplies for young children and communities in need. This sparked her interest in non-profit poverty reduction efforts both on the domestic and global levels. In the future, Natasha hopes to gain more experience in international development before continuing her studies on racial issues facing diasporic communities.
Institution: Brandeis University in Massachusetts
Country: USA
Institution Website: Brandeis University in Massachusetts
05/15/2014 to 08/01/2014

Helene Somda

helenesomdaSalaamaalekum!  My name is Helene Somda and I am so excited and grateful to be studying in Dakar, Senegal for the next four months. I am in my third year at Agnes Scott College which is located in Atlanta, Georgia USA and I am majoring in public health and minoring in French.  While in Atlanta, I play soccer for my college, volunteer at a refugee school for girls and intern at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Travelers’ Health Branch.  I am greatly looking forward to the experiences that I am going to have here.
Salaamaalekum! Je m’appelle Helene Somda et je suis très enthousiaste et reconnaissante pour l’opportunité  d’étudier  à  Dakar pour les prochains quatre mois. Je suis en troisième  année  à Agnès Scott Collège situe en Atlanta, Georgia aux Etats Unis. Je me spécialise en santé publique et en Français. A Atlanta,  je joue au football pour mon collège, je travaille  dans une école pour les enfants refugiés, et aussi au centre pour le  contrôle et la prévention des maladies (CDC) dans l’Unité « Santé du Voyageur ». J’ai hâte de vivre les  expériences que je vais avoir ici !
Institution: Agnes Scott College in Atlantla - Georgia
Country: USA
Institution Website: Agnes Scott College in Atlantla - Georgia

Jenna Naomi Archer

jenna_archerJenna Archer is an undergraduate student at Pomona College in California where she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Gender and Women’s Studies and French. She is currently spending fall semester abroad in Dakar studying Senegalese culture and society, French, and Wolof. She is passionate about women’s rights and reproductive health, and has previously interned at the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) in the US. Jenna hopes to apply the skills she learns at GRAG to continue to work for non-profit organizations to widen access to sexual and reproductive health services in the US and internationally.
Institution: Pomona College in California
Country: USA
Institution Website: Pomona College in California
08/27/2013 to 12/27/2013

Joshua Pericas

joshuapericasJoshua Pericas is an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he studies International Affairs with regional concentrations in Africa and Latin America. Along with International Affairs, he has a double language minor in Brazilian Portuguese and French. Prior to joining GRAG, Joshua has worked with Ubuntu Africa: Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children, and the Office of International Education at CU-Boulder. Joshua is passionate about travel and culture and in the year 2011-2012 he lived in Cape Town, South Africa, and São Paulo, Brazil. With the skills he has learned at GRAG, Joshua hopes to enter into a career related to development and more specifically public health.
Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder
Country: USA
Institution Website: University of Colorado at Boulder
07/19/2013 to 11/19/2013

Julianna Twiggs

julianna_twiggsJulianna Twiggs is an undergraduate student at American University of Washington, DC in the school of international service. She is in international studies major concentrating on international development in Africa with a double French and economics minor. Prior to joining the GRAG team Julianna has most recently worked as a communications intern with the French Embassy in the United States. As an intern at GRAG, Julianna will be focused on developing the organization’s public communication and outreach mechanisms while working with the GRAG projects on maternal health and family planning.
Institution: American University of Washington DC
Country: USA
Institution Website: American University of Washington DC
02/05/2013 to 04/05/2013

Aminata Kane

aminatakaneAminata Kane est titulaire d’une Licence en Langues Etrangères Appliquées aux Affaires à l’Université Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis. Elle prépare actuellement un Masters en Communication d’Entreprise à ETICCA DAKAR. Aminata intègre le GRAG  en tant que stagiaire, en vue de contribuer à donner une visibilité aux questions prioritaires du Groupe à travers particulièrement son programme de communication. Elle contribuera aussi à la traduction de documents produits par le GRAG pour les rendre plus accessibles auprès des populations ciblées. Aminata manifeste un goût pour l’apprentissage aux côtés de compétentes et de personnes plus expérimentées, et est motivée à fournir de l’assistance aux populations défavorisées.
Institution: ETICCA/Dakar
Country: Sénégal
Institution WebsiteETICCA/Dakar
02/01/2013 to 08/01/2013

Daouda Ka

daoudakaDaouda Ka est étudiant au Global Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) à l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar. MDP est un programme d’enseignements qui englobe les sciences de la santé, de l’environnement, de l’économie et les énergies renouvelables. Daouda a rejoint le Département Recherche/Analyse et Suivi Evaluation du GRAG, où il participe activement à la réflexion et à la définition de stratégies visant à atténuer la vulnérabilité des populations clés et son impact sur leurs aptitudes y compris la santé de ses dernières. Sa contribution au sein du GRAG s’inscrit dans le développement d’un Livelihood Model, visant à orienter les principaux bénéficiaires du « Learning Center for Vulnerable People » vers les circuits socioprofessionnels et à promouvoir leur insertion.
Institution: Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar
Country: Sénégal
Institution Website: Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar
01/01/2013 to 06/30/2013

Prince Sende

prince_sindePrince Sende étudie l’Ingénierie Financière à l’Institut Africain de Management (IAM) de Dakar. Il effectue un stage au Département Communication et Partnership du GRAG, où il travaille avec l’équipe sur des aspects de  communication articulés au droit en santé sexuelle et reproductive des minorités sexuelles en rapport avec la stigmatisation/discrimination dont elles souffrent. Sous l’orientation des responsables dudit département, Prince élabore un modèle d’insertion articulé à la micro finance qui s’inscrit dans l’élaboration par le GRAG de stratégies visant à atténuer de manière considérable la vulnérabilité/précarité qui affecte ces populations. Prince est originaire de la République du Centrafrique.
Institution: Institut Africain de Management de Dakar
Country: Sénégal
Institution Website: Institut Africain de Management de Dakar

Rie Ohta

rie_ohtaRie Ohta is a summer research and development intern. She is a candidate for a Bachelors of Arts in Development Studies at Brown University, towards which she is conducting research on MSM in West Africa. At Brown she is interested in sensitizing American audiences to the problems facing LGBTQ people around the world. As an intern she is working on developing publications to promote GRAG, and using human centered design in designing GRAG’s learning center for vulnerable people.
Institution: Brown University
Country: USA
Institution Website: Brown University
12/04/2012 to 12/19/2012

Sara Meyer

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 08.58.25
My name is Sara Meyer and I’m a junior anthropology and pre-health major at Notre Dame. I
have worked in Notre Dame’s University Writing Center for the past two years where I tutor other students to help them improve their written and presentational skills. The summer after my freshman year, I lived and worked in a shelter for pregnant women and young mothers in crisis and their babies. There I did everything from caring for infants to helping the women apply for jobs to driving them to therapy. I have also worked as a research assistant to one of my anthropology professors and an overnight science camp counselor for middle and high schoolers. This semester, I studied abroad in Angers, France, which sadly got cut short, but I was still able to really improve my French. After I graduate from Notre Dame, I hope to do a year of service somewhere and then go on to Physician Assistant school. I am a good writer, editor, and presenter, and I have strong interpersonal skills. Through my experiences in the past, I’ve found that I’m able to form relationships with a wide range of people from varying backgrounds, from children to the elderly to people with different cultural backgrounds from my own. I’m very interested in health and wellness (both physical and mental health) and issues of women’s equality, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with GRAG this summer.

 Institution: University of Notre Dame
Country: USA
Institution Website: University of Notre Dame

Jacob Greene

Jacob Greene is a junior at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. He studies International Development within the Elliott School of International Affairs, while also taking French and Arabic language classes. At GW, Jacob is involved in Delta Phi Epsilon, a professional fraternity for foreign service, and a co-ed a cappella group. He realized his passion for public health and intercultural communication while volunteering at a medical camp in the Masai Mara of Kenya. Currently Jacob is pursuing the Development Studies program at CIEE in Dakar, where he is learning Wolof and also interning with GRAG. He hopes to gain a better understanding of how NGOs navigate and advocate for social justice issues, and also hopes to develop his translation skills.

 Institution: George Washington University
Country: USA
Institution Website: George Washington University

Patience Colombe Wilfried Moundzara

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 12.35.29Titulaire d’un master en droit public et relations internationales, de l’université Amadou Hampate BA, Patience intègre les équipes de GRAG afin de participer aux travaux qu’ils mènent dans le domaine de l’éducation. En tant que stagiaire son travail consiste à participer aux réflexions et à la conception de programmes visant à apporter des solutions liées à l’employabilité et l’autonomisation des jeunes et des femmes. Travailler au sein de GRAG nourrit davantage son intérêt pour la recherche, les techniques et connaissances ainsi acquises, contribuent à construire son ambition professionnelle qui s’inscrit dans la formation professionnelle des jeunes et aussi contribuer a l’amélioration des conditions sociales et humanitaires en Afrique.

 Institution: Amadou Hampate Ba
Country: Congo
Institution Website: Amadou Hampate Ba

Aija Zamurs

grag picAija Zamurs is a junior at Williams College, pursing a degree in Political Science and Public Health. She currently studying abroad in Dakar through the CIEE Development Studies Program. Her interests include women’s rights, maternal and reproductive health, and anti-corruption efforts. As an intern at GRAG, she hopes to hone her research skills, and to learn how to tailor her writing and communication skills to the international development and advocacy contexts.

 Institution: Williams College
Country: USA
Institution Website: Williams College

Sara Vera-Cruz

30739210_1741723225918542_7564167282113380352_n(1)Sara Vera-Cruz is a third year student at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts double majoring in International Development and Social Change as well as French and Francophone Studies, specializing in Community and Global Health. She is a student in the CIEE Development Studies program studying French and Wolof in Dakar. Through her internship at GRAG, she hopes to gain knowledge on the research side of social change and advocacy regarding public health, human and social rights and women’s reproductive rights as well as to gain experience in the nonprofit sector, especially within the Sub-Saharan African context. She has worked within the fields public health and human rights through the Boston Public Health Commission and the Permanent Mission of Cabo Verde to the United Nations. Sara is excited to learn from GRAG and to actively engage in research based advocacy.

Institution: Clark University
Country: USA
Institution Website: Clark University

Mavetjiua Haimbodi

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.52.41Mavetjiua Haimbodi is a third year undergraduate student at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. She is pursing a B.A. in international affairs with a concentration in international development and a history minor. As an intern for GRAG she plans to expand her research capabilities, and follow through on her commitment of working towards global justice. Her interests include minority rights, and race relations in post Apartheid southern Africa (specifically Namibia), but she is excited to broaden her understanding of ethnicity and social norms in Senegal.

Institution:  George Washington University
Country: USA
Institution Website: George Washington University

Caroline Valette

rsz_img_0141_copyCaroline Valette is a graduate student at Mills College where she is pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in literary translation with an emphasis on female authors of color from Africa and the Caribbean. Though she specializes in French to English literary translation, she has also extensively studied German, Spanish, and Mandarin. Her interest in women’s rights and public health led her to intern for GRAG where she has expanded her translation practice to include English to French translation as well as non-literary translation. After graduation, Caroline hopes to continue her work as a freelance translator in the literary and social justice fields.

Institution: Mills College
Country: USA
Institution Website: Mills College

Kaitlyn Wampler

Kaitlyn Wampler is a third-year student of International Studies and Linguistics at Indiana University. In Dakar she is studying French and Wolof with CIEE while she interns at GRAG. On campus, she's a senator in Undergraduate Student Government representing Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. She is also an editor for and an volunteer ESL tutor. After graduation, she hopes to join the global education and literacy movement as a field linguist.

Institution: Indiana University
Country: USA
Institution Website: Indiana University

China Braekman

ChinaChina Braekman is a rising senior at Columbia University, studying Cultural Anthropology and Political Science. Having grown up in France, she is interested in the exchanges and relationships between Europe and West Africa, and particularly in the mobility and integration of migrants. She is currently conducting ethnographic research in Dakar about youth emigration and political consciousness, while interning at GRAG. At Columbia, China is part of the French cultural group, of a dance group, and works as a Resident Adviser. She also teaches English classes at the African Services Committee, which provides services for African immigrants in Harlem. At GRAG, she hopes to learn about the non-profit world and how it takes root in local communities to shape political and cultural identity.

Institution: Columbia University
Country: USA
Institution Website: Columbia University

Leah Rich

INTERN 2Leah Rich is a rising senior at the George Washington University in Washington, DC studying international affairs and French with a concentration in international development. More specifically, she is interested in the promotion of gender equality and reproductive health as well as education policy. On campus, Leah is a member of a community service group, the club volleyball team, and she is a literacy tutor for an elementary school across town. She spent this past spring semester in Senegal studying development, French, and Wolof with CIEE and has since decided to stay in Dakar for the summer. She looks forward to interning with GRAG and learning how to adapt her advocacy experience into a research based context.

Institution:  George Washington University
Country: USA
Institution Website: George Washington University

Clare Salerno

clare_salernoClare Salerno studies Sociology and Environmental Studies at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA. She is especially interested in feminism, social justice, and environmental advocacy and has previously done work researching social aspects of land ownership and water pollution. She will be an intern for Spring 2017 and is looking forward to expanding her experience in health realms in a context different from previous experience as well as learning more about the inner workings of non-profits.

Institution: Wellesley College
Country: USA
Institution Website: Wellesley College

Rose Olwell

rose_olwellRose Olwell is a third year student at the College of William & Mary majoring in history and political science and is currently in Dakar for four months studying international development, French, and Wolof. Rose is particularly interested in the history of gender and colonialism and hopes to expand her knowledge of the issues facing women in West Africa today while improving her research skills and learning about development work at nonprofit organizations.

Institution: College of William & Mary
Country: USA
Institution Website: College of William & Mary

Hannah Lukow

hannah_lukowHannah Lukow is an undergraduate at Davidson College in North Carolina, where she studies Literature, Creative Writing, and Francophone Studies. This semester, she is studying African Literature and Intercultural Communication at CIEE in Dakar and interning with the Global Research and Advocacy Group. At Davidson, Hannah edits the interfaith literary magazine Availing, advocates diversity in faculty hiring as part of the Student Initiative for Academic Diversity (SIAD), and plays the cello in various musical groups. Her academic interests include translation, linguistics, racial justice, and the role of language in social change. As part of GRAG’s team, Hannah hopes to hone her translation skills and deepen her understanding of reproductive justice.
Institution:  Davidson College
Country: USA
Institution Website: Davidson College
08/24/2016 to 12/20/2016


Tarik Labuda

110X127Tarik Labuda is a third year student studying International Affairs and Economics at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He is currently studying abroad in Dakar through CIEE studying political and economic development in Africa, while interning at GRAG. Before travelling to Africa, Tarik worked at the American-Turkish Council in Washington, a NGO promoting trade between the U.S. and Turkey, as an economic researcher and newsletter writer. After returning to the United States, he will pursue working with the African Institute at the George Washington University to further solidify his knowledge of development in Africa.
Institution:  George Washington University
Country: USA
Institution Website: George Washington University
08/24/2016 to 12/20/2016

Lindsay Cannon

lindsay-cannon_0Lindsay Cannon is a third-year student at Washington State University majoring in Neuroscience and French and minoring in Biology. She is spending her summer in Dakar studying Islam and Public Health through the Center for International Educational Exchange and conducting independent research examining the availability of women's health services to university students in Dakar. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in medicine, focusing on women's health. She is working with GRAG as a part-time intern this summer and looks forward to the chance to learn more about health-related issues facing women in West Africa.
Institution:  Washington State University
Country: USA
Institution Website: Washington State University
05/30/2016 to 06/20/2016

Clara de Pablo

clara-de-pabloClara de Pablo is a second year undergraduate student at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. At Yale, she is a member of the Reproductive Justice Action League at Yale (RALY), and volunteers as a college mentor for underserved high schoolers. She is participating in a month-long internship with Global Research and Advocacy Group while studying Islamic History and Wolof at CIEE Dakar. At GRAG, she hopes to expand her knowledge of women's and reproductive health, as well as her experience in the nonprofit sector.
Institution: Yale University
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteYale University
05/30/2016 to 06/20/2016

Macy Tran

macyMacy Tran is finishing her third year of her undergraduate studies in Public Health, Education, and French at Beloit College.  Currently, for her spring semester, she is studying at the African Consultants International Baobab Center in Dakar.  She is excited for the opportunity to work with GRAG to pursue her research passions in public health policy, women’s health, reproductive and sexual health, children’s health, and health literacy/education in an international setting.  Her experiences at GRAG will be invaluable in the future for helping frame her senior thesis and her graduate school interests in public health.
Institution: Beloit College
Country: USA
Institution Website: Beloit College
02/15/2016 to 04/15/2016

Amanda DuCharme

amanda_ducharmeAmanda DuCharme is a undergraduate student at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, where she studies French and Creative Writing.  She is participating in a semester long program with CIEE's Development Studies program in Dakar.  She has previously interned at the Alumni Relations and Programs Office at Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and works closely with a professor at her university studying the process and theory of literary translation.  She is excited to see how her academic interests can relate to GRAG's mission.
Institution: Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove
Country: USA
Institution Website: Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove
02/05/2016 to 04/15/2016

Tim Hirschel-Burns

tim_hirschel-burnsTim Hirschel-Burns étudie les sciences politiques à Swarthmore College aux États-Unis.  Ce semestre il est étudiant dans le programme des Études de Développement de CIEE en Dakar.  Il a travaillé avec STAND, un groupe américain contre le génocide, comme Coordinateur des Conflits Émergents et aussi il a fait un stage de politique avec STAND.  Il a aussi fait un stage avec le Département des Droits Civils du Michigan.  Il s’intéresse dans le développement, les droits humains, et le plaidoyer politique.
Institution: Swarthmore College
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteSwarthmore College
09/03/2015 to 12/11/2015

Carli Harvey

carliharveyCarli Harvey is an American student studying public health and French at Tulane University in New Orleans. She is in Dakar studying Development, French, and Wolof with CIEE. Her interests include infectious disease and combating food inequality. She has previously worked with the organization Top Box Foods, which sells fresh, nutritious food at a low cost to those who do not have easy access to a supermarket. She is excited to learn a lot from her time at GRAG and gain experience at an NGO.
Institution: Tulane University in New Orleans
Country: USA
Institution Website: Tulane University in New Orleans
09/03/2015 to 12/11/2015

Lauren Scott

lauren_scottLauren Scott is an undergraduate student at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon where she is majoring in Environmental Studies and French. She spent her spring semester abroad in Dakar studying with African Consultants International, learning French, Wolof, and about Senegalese culture. She is excited to have the opportunity to spend her summer working in Dakar as an intern at both GRAG and ESRI Sénégal, gaining invaluable experience at both an NGO and a private company, learning about the different roles they each play in the development of Senegal. In addition, she hopes to develop a topic and conduct preliminary research for her senior Environmental Studies thesis, which will be situated in Senegal.
Institution: Lewis and Clark College
Country: USA
Institution Website: Lewis and Clark College
05/11/2015 to 08/06/2015

Mohamed Moreau

mohamedmoreauMohamed Moreau est titulaire d'une licence en Communication d'Entreprises à ETICCA au Sénégal. Il prépare actuellement son Master en Spécialité Marketing et Stratégies. Mohamed a rejoint le GRAG en tant que stagiaire au département Communication, où il espère contribuer à l'aspect visibilité mais également à l'aspect sensibilisation des cibles plus précisément pour le droit à l'éducation des enfants, l’accès à l'eau potable et freiner la pauvreté de plus en plus croissante en Afrique. Il est passionné par les cultures africaines et est très excité à l'idée d'enrichir son expérience professionnelle au sein du GRAG.
Institution: ETTICCA
Country: Sénégal
Institution Website: ETTICCA
02/02/2015 to 06/30/2015

Katie Craighead

katiecraigheadKatie Craighead is a third year student at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon where she is majoring in French and International Affairs and minoring in Mathematics. She plans to use her studies to work for the Peace Corp teaching math in Africa, and then later to work for an International Organisation that focuses on women's education as a means to better impoverished communities. Last semester Katie spent a semester studying Political Science and French at Science Po de l'Université de Strasbourg and at Institut International d'études françaises. GRAG has provided Katie with the dreamed for opportunity to work for an NGO in Africa, and she is enthusiastic to use her skills and acquire new ones while interning for GRAG.
Institution: Lewis and Clark College
Country: USA
Institution Website: Lewis and Clark College
01/29/2015 to 04/24/2015

Abby Nelson

abbynelsonAbby Nelson is completing her third year as an undergraduate student at St. Olaf College where she is majoring in Biology, with a concentration in Race and Ethnic Studies. She plans to pursue a career in the public health field, most likely focusing on the rights and health of rural and indigenous peoples. Abby is very grateful to be interning with GRAG this spring. She anticipates the organization will be a great source of information and experience to learn about effective  health delivery systems for disadvantaged populations. She is especially excited to learn more about the public health systems and practices in West Africa! In her spare time, Abby loves to read, travel, and hike in the beautiful Cascade Mountains of Washington State and the Chugach Mountains of Alaska.
Institution: St. Olaf College
Country: USA
Institution Website: St. Olaf College
01/23/2015 to 05/08/2015

Hassanatou Diallo

hassanatoudialloHassanatou Diallo est titulaire d’une licence en anglais. Elle a fait ses études à l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar(UCAD). Elle est stagiaire au GRAG où  elle souhaiterait exploiter et renforcer  davantage ses connaissances acquises au côté du personnel de GRAG. Elle aimerait  également contribuer au bon fonctionnement  de GRAG et à l’accessibilité  des documents à travers la traduction de ces derniers. Elle a déjà intégré l’unité de saisie de données. Hassanatou  est motivée à lutter  contre le mariage précoce des filles, l’exclusion sociale et la pauvreté qui gagne du terrain en Afrique.
Institution: Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar
Country: Sénégal
Institution Website: Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar

Esmé Valette

esme_valetteEsmé Valette is an undergraduate student at Middlebury college, where she studies Comparative Literature with a french focus. Esmé is also on a premed track, hoping to some day become and Obstetrician and Gynecologist and work for Doctors without Borders. Esmé is a firm advocate of women’s rights and honored to be a part of GRAG’s fight against female genital mutilation. While in Dakar, Esmé looks forward to learning about Senegal’s rich culture and history, taking dance classes, and exploring.
Institution: Middlebury college
Country: USA
Institution Website: Middlebury college
09/02/2014 to 12/14/2014

Aissatou Ndiaye

aissatoundiayeAissatou Bintou Khairy Thilor Ndiaye is an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester in New York where she is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Biology and French. She is also doing a three-course cluster in Economics. Aissatou interned at Imagine Learning, an organization that is dedicated to helping English learners, struggling readers and students with disabilities cultivate literacy and succeed in school and beyond. In previous years, Aissatou attended the African Leadership Academy (ALA) gaining a broader understanding of the issues facing the African continent as well as the tools and skills needed to solve them. As a student majoring in Biology, she aspires to purse graduate studies in Biology or Public Health. Interning with GRAG is an opportunity for her to have her hands on initiatives targeting minority, vulnerable and marginalized groups across the world. This will not only be beneficial towards her future endeavors but it will also enhance her expertise and knowledge in this field.
Institution: University of Rochester
Country: USA
Institution Website: University of Rochester
05/19/2014 to 07/19/2014

Zoë Gadegbeku

zoe_gadegbekuZoë Gadegbeku is a 20-year old student at Georgetown University studying Psychology and French. She is interested in many different career areas, including women’s rights and publishing as well as creative writing. She is very appreciative of the opportunity to live in Senegal this semester and to be able to engage in the community around her.
Zoë Gadegbeku est une étudiante de 20 ans à Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Elle se spécialise en la Psychologie et le Français. Elle est intéressée dans plusieurs domaines différents comme les droits de femme en plus de l’écriture et la publication. Elle apprécie beaucoup l’opportunité d’habiter à Dakar ce semestre et de s’engager dans la communauté.
Institution: Georgetown University Washington DC
Country: USA
Institution Website: Georgetown University Washington DC

Catherine Sophie Skoggard

sophieskoggardSophie Skoggard is an undergraduate student at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington DC. In pursuit of her Bachelors of Science and Foreign Service, she is studying International Development with a focus on women’s health and education in sub-Saharan Africa. She is currently spending her fall semester studying abroad in Dakar, where she plans on exploring Senegalese culture, and gaining further knowledge and first hand experience that she can apply to her field of study. Before leaving for Dakar, Sophie interned at Vital Voices – a non-government organization that seeks to empower women in the developing world by working with existing female leaders to facilitate human rights promotion, economic empowerment, and political participation. In the future, Sophie hopes to work for an organization that shares a similar mission with Vital Voices, while also incorporating a global health focus.
Institution: Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington DC
Country: USA
Institution Website: Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington DC
08/29/2013 to 12/27/2013

Selena Richey

selenaricheySelena Richey is an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University where she is pursuing her bachelor's degree in International Studies concentrated on Media and Communications with a focus in Francophone Africa and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She is currently spending her summer in Dakar studying culture and education in Senegal and her interests include human rights, but more specifically violations against women and the LGBTQ community.  After her time in Senegal, she plans to continue research in minority women's health and reproductive education.
Institution: Texas A&M University
Country: USA
Institution Website: Texas A&M University
07/19/2013 to 11/07/2013

Claire Ba

clairebaClaire Virginie Audrey Ba was born in Dakar. In previous years, she attended African Leadership Academy (ALA) where she developed a better awareness of the African continent, its resources, its people, as well as a better conception of the notion of leadership. Although she is still working on discovering and understanding Africa, the time spent at ALA played an important role in shaping the African she is becoming every day. Claire is currently enrolled at the University of John Carroll in Cleveland Ohio where she is pursuing an International Business with Language and Culture bachelor degree. During this year, a course in social justice interestingly caught her attention and made her develop a greater interest in various issues surrounding the world, and Africa in particular. Hence, she hopes that this internship with GRAG will contribute to this growing interest and prepare her for the challenges of working for others.
Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder
Country: USA
Institution Website: University of John Carroll in Cleveland Ohio
06/10/2013 to 08/09/2013

Chenery Lowe

chenery_loweChenery Lowe is an undergraduate student at Kenyon College in Ohio, USA studying French and pre-med. While volunteering in Zimbabwe through a nonprofit organization dedicated to pediatric AIDS prevention, she worked with preschool-age orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and was inspired by the potential for effective health, nutritional, and educational interventions during this critical stage of development. She is interested in participating in research and raising awareness about health issues affecting vulnerable youths in Senegal.
Institution: Kenyon College in Ohio
Country: USA
Institution Website: Kenyon College in Ohio

Monica Quezada

monicaquezadaMonica Quezada will be receiving her Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Economics at the end of this year (2012). Aside from doing volunteer work in Mexico in which she helped run a bilingual education summer program for underprivileged kids, she has done some volunteer work in New Orleans working with a variety of organizations that were focused on rebuilding efforts.  Last semester, Monica wrote her senior honors thesis on sex-selective abortion in India and she looked at the different channels in which son preference manifests itself, be it through abortion, contraceptive use or child mortality rates and how factors such as income, urban/rural context and media exposure affect these rates. Monica is currently most interested in impact analysis on social programs focused on family planning and women's education.
Institution: University of California - Berkeley
Country: USA
Institution WebsiteUniversity of California - Berkeley

Victoria Steven

victoriastevenVictoria Steven is a junior studying at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she is majoring in International Relations with a double minor in Political Science and French. She is spending the semester abroad in Dakar, studying international development, public health, and democratic evolution. Before starting at GRAG, Victoria held various internships in the USA, varying from boutique law firms to government bureaus to NGOs. Specifically, she spent a semester interning with Amnesty International in DC, an experience that greatly increased her interest in human rights and inspired her to intern for GRAG while in Senegal. After completing her internship at GRAG and her final year of university, Victoria hopes to find work at an NGO focusing on development before furthering her studies at graduate school.
Institution: George Washington University in Washington
Country: USA
Institution Website: George Washington University in Washington

Primrose Adjepong

primrose_adjepongPrimrose Adjepong is currently taking a gap year before attending the University of St Andrews in Scotland to read International Relations, as global affairs and the dynamics of our complex world today has always been a keen interest. During this year, Primrose has been attending the African Leadership Academy, gaining a broader understanding of the issues facing the continent as well as the tools and skills needed to solve them. The prospect of working at GRAG greatly excited her because of her previous work with charities that dealt a lot with human rights such as Amnesty International and Aids Action. In addition to that, during her time at the academy, she has spent a lot of time working on a project that addressed gender issues. Primrose hopes that working at GRAG will be part of the beginning stages of a long career in social justice.
Institution: University of St Andrews
Country: Scotland
Institution Website:  University of St Andrews

Kevin Amadou Gaye

kevinamadougayeKevin Gaye is an undergraduate student at the University of Nottingham, England, studying American Politics and History. He has already been involved in fundraising in Belgium and England for charities such as Unicef, Oxfam and Marie Curie Cancer Care and is hoping to raise more awareness about the work of GRAG as a whole. More specifically, he is hoping to raise increased awareness about the need to combat malaria, which continues to rob so many countries of their young children under five and deprive them of their potential contribution to society.
Institution: University of Nottingham
Country: England
Institution Website: University of Nottingham