06 Oct

Welcome to Global Research and Advocacy Group

Welcome to Global Research and Advocacy Group

Global Research and Advocacy Group, a non-profit dedicated to conducting quality research on various issues including reproductive health, family planning, education, and gender related norms, which produces an elevated effectiveness of program initiatives.

GRAG works to strengthen the capacities and protection of vulnerable populations by helping them access the necessary information and services they require.
Through scientific and applied research methods, GRAG sets out not only to identify the key factors leading to poor project outcomes, but also the behaviors and practices that can prevent or change present conditions.

GRAG employs a highly capable team of renowned specialists in operations research, real time monitoring and advocacy. With our team, GRAG develops and proposes a variety of research design methods, correctly executes a cohesive research initiative, establishes indicators to measure impact, effectively documents all research processes and disseminates related findings to relevant actors.